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Botanical Name:

Cordia dodecandra



Other Names:

Anacahuite, Baria (Cuba), Siricote, Bocote, Cupane, Amapa asta (Mexico), Canalete (Colombia, Venezuela), Louro pardo (Brazil), Loro negro (Argentina)

Tree Height:

From small to 100 ft

Tree Diameter:

1 ft

Weight at 12% moisture content:

56-60 lbs./ft.3

Growing Regions:

Mexico to Argentina

General Characteristics:

Ziricote is a hard and heavy wood boasting a reddish-brown to dark brown color with irregular blackish streaks. The luster within ziricote is considered medium (although it appears oily naturally) and the texture is considered medium as well. The grain is straight to roey.


Turnery, knife handles, furniture and cabinetry

Working Properties:

Ziricote is easy to work and takes a high polish.

Suitable Substitutes:

None Mentioned.


For clarification, the standard references group all “cordias” together, so there is much confusion — both Ziricote and Bocote (as they are commonly know in the US) are cordias, however they don’t look much alike. Ziricote, like Bocote, is frequently spectacularly figured. It turns well considering its density, but tends to create dust so it can be a little messy during working.


“Commercial Foreign woods on the American Market” by David A. Kribs, Dover Pub. Inc. 1968, p. 21

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