Large Selection of Figured Mahogany Neck Blanks on Sale Now

These neck blanks are a great addition to any set and are a sure way to add a "wow" factor to even a plain mahogany build. Available in 1" x 3" x 24" and 1" x 3" x 36"

New Hormigo Back & Side Sets

Closely related to Granadillo, Hormigo (Platymiscium dimorphandrum) is found from southern Mexico to the Brazilian Amazon. Easily machinable, this prized wood has a rich tone and is often called "The wood that sings".

Important Announcement

We are in the process of re-evaluating our business operations. As most of you are aware, we had a major setback dealing with the Mexican authorities. We do however, have another long-time supplier in Guatemala and we are planning to try to make our business continue if he is able to meet our needs. Please know that we in no way meant to mislead our customers in announcing the closing of the business. At the time we were convinced that we had no other viable options, but after many discussions we decided to try to establish an alternate solution. We thank each and every one of you for your business over the years and ask for your understanding during this transitioning period. We will keep everyone updated as this progresses.

Nogal, also know as Tropical Walnut is on Sale! Starting at $25 Dollars

If you have ever wanted to try a different Walnut, now is the time. All Nogal back & side sets are now starting at $25 for a limited time. Nogal, also known as Tropical Walnut is in the same family as Black Walnut. It is a slightly heavier, harder and darker. It is a beautiful, lesser-known wood.

We have a new African Blackwood Trim Pack Special

We are offering a new African Blackwood Trim Pack. This includes a guitar sized fingerboard, bridge blank, headplate and binding. All for $75.00

Guitar Display Cases

We are selling our custom built Guitar Display Cabinets, composed of Hard Maple with sliding glass doors. Measuring 84" high, 24" deep and 58" wide. 4 available

New Shipment of African Blackwood

We have received a new shipment of African Blackwood. Sadly, this will more than likely be the last shipment we receive. However, we were thrilled to discover that some of our sets have figure! African Blackwood rarely has figure in it, so imagine our surprise when we found sets with "Birdseye" figure. We also have a few that are perfectly quartersawn! There is a very limited number of these sets available.

Complete Acoustic Starter Sets

These Beginner/Paint or Stain grade sets are all you need to begin your guitar building journey, or practice without worry. Fully buildable and structurally sound material with minor visual flaws. All pieces will be second grade. Visual flaws may include Knots, Pin Holes, Slightly off Quarter, Sapwood.

Swamp Ash, 2 & 3 pc. Body Blanks 25% Off!!

We have Swamp Ash 2 pc. body blanks now on Sale for 25% off. These are color & grain matched. Swamp Ash is a light-weight wood and an excellent choice for electric body blanks.

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2nd 3 Piece Swamp Ash Body Blank


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African Blackwood Fingerboard


Black Walnut 3 x 3 x 18 Ukulele Neck Blank


Black Walnut Ukulele Back, Top, & Side Sets



Bocote Back & Side Set Boc-010



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Bocote Back & Side Set Boc-012



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