Other Common Names: 
Mayan Walnut, Frijolillo

Botanical Name: 
Lysiloma spp.


Mature Tree Height, Diameter: 
60 ft, 2-3 ft

Weight @ 12% M/C: 
48 LBS/FT.3

Working Properties: 
Considered easy to work, finishes smoothly and takes a high natural poish.

Growing Regions: 
Chiefly Mexico with some in southern most U.S. and the Greater Antilles.

General Characteristics: 
Heartwood lustrous brown with a coppery or purplish tinge,
sharply demarcated from the thin white sapwood.
Texture medium.The grain is straight to roey without distinctive odor or taste.
|Hard and durable wood.

Its uses are cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, veneer, knife handles,
flooring, and general construction.

Acceptable Substitutes: 
Granadillo, Chechen, Machiche

"A Guide to Useful Woods of the World, Second Edition",
Forest Products Society, 2001, pg. 105