Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar


Other Common Names: 

Botanical Name: 
Cedrela spp.


Mature Tree Height, Diameter: 
100 ft , 3-6 ft

Weight @ 12% M/C: 
23-47 lbs./ft.3

Working Properties: 
Easy to work with hand and machine tools, may be difficult to bore cleanly,
good nailing and gluing properties, stains and finishes well.

Growing Regions: 
Mexico to Argentina

General Characteristics: 
Heartwood red to dark reddish brown, grain usually straight, texture medium,
luster medium to high, distinctive cedary odor.

Millwork, fine furniture and cabinetry, musical instruments, boat building,
decorative and utility plywood, cigar wrappers and cigar boxes.

Acceptable Substitutes: 
Mahogany, Andiroba

"Tropical Timbers of the World", USDA Handbook #607, Sept. 1984, p. 47

Spanish Cedar is the traditional wood for cigar humidor linings.
The odor, and moisture-retention properties are thought to have the
ability to keep cigars at their best, and also to improve them.
Much Cedar has a moderate to severe tendency to bleed pitch, or resin.