Macassar Ebony

Macassar Ebony


Other Common Names: 
Camagon, Golden Ebony

Botanical Name: 
Diospyros celebica


Mature Tree Height, Diameter: 
50 ft, 1½ ft.

Weight @ 12% M/C: 
68 lbs./ft.3

Working Properties: 
Working with the wood is slow, but little tool dulling is experienced if correct cutting angles are used. The wood turns well and takes a very high finish. It is too hard to use nails or screws without first pre-boring. The dust can be irritant.

Growing Regions: 
Southeast Asia and the Phillipines

General Characteristics: 
The color is black with reddish or reddish brown streaks. Odor and taste are not distinct. The wood has a fine texture and a straight to wavy grain.

Musical instrument parts, special fittings on furniture, inlay work and other accent material applications.

Acceptable Substitutes: 
Gabon Ebony, Ziricote

"A Guide to Useful Woods of the World, Second Edition", Forest Products Society, 2001, p.202-203.

Similar to Gabon Ebony except for the distinctive striping. Easier to work than Gabon Ebony. Highly prized for decorative veneer.