African Blackwood

African Blackwood

Other Common Names: 
Congowood, Mozambique ebony, mpingo

Botanical Name: 
Dalbergia melanoxylon


Mature Tree Height, Diameter: 
15-25 ft, rarely over 1 ft.

Weight @ 12% M/C: 
83 lbs./ft.3

Working Properties: 
Difficult to plane and machine with tools. Excellent for turnery. Usually machined with metal-working equipment.

Growing Regions: 
Sudan to Mozambique, Angola, and Nigeria to Senegal

General Characteristics: 
Heartwood dark purplish brown with black streaking. Texture is fine and even. The grain is straight and wood is slightly oily.

Primarily used for woodwind instruments, guitars, turnery work, knife handles, walking sticks, carvings, and more.

Acceptable Substitutes: 
Honduras Rosewood

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