Letter From Bill Hibdon

Hello Customer,


For those not aware of the problems HHI has had with the Mexican Government’s seizure of two of our containers beginning two years ago last week, I send a link to an article in “The Riverfront Times” of St. Louis.

In those two years we haven’t gotten any shipments from Mexico which has upended our business since Mexico supplied about 75% of wood needed for our business. Hoping to maintain HHI for the employees as well as our customers and suppliers, we approached a long time supplier in Guatemala who can make the blanks and will supply what our customers need. We have worked with this company since 1986 and they are first class suppliers.

We feel that if you and enough of our regular long time customers will commit to this proposal, we can continue to supply you.

The proposal is for you to place your orders one year in advance by Jan 1, 2024.

Those orders will be processed and packaged in Guatemala. Orders of one or more pallets will be less costly than smaller orders that have to be repackaged in St. Louis. In St. Louis, we will maintain some parts in inventory if you didn’t order enough. If you over ordered we can hold back some of your order. The first shipment would be about 1 July 2024 and every three months afterwards.

Since there are a very limited number of companies able to buy full containers of wood, this will help suppliers reach smaller customers. For customers it is assurance that HHI will continue to supply the best wood. Let us know your thoughts.

Best regards,



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