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Important Information

Dear customers!


We want to inform you about many changes in Hibdon Hardwood that are ongoing.  We are moving next door into our storage warehouse at 1408 North Broadway.  After we dispose of our existing lumber and log inventory we will no longer offer those items for sale.  We have sold our sawmill and will dispose of the rest of our woodworking machinery.   This process will take approximately six months as the warehouse has to be completely rebuilt.


This major revamping was forced on us by the Mexican government seizing two of our containers three years ago in an attempt to secure a bribe.  We are also prevented from exporting from Mexico although we have done nothing wrong and never given a reason for their actions.  The US government has been unwilling or unable to help us.


We were faced with two options, close HHI after 46 years in business or relocate our source to Guatemala.  We have chosen to relocate to Guatemala as we have a relationship with Baren Comercial, the largest sawmill in Guatemala with whom we have dealt with since 1986.  Baren has their own concession in the Mayan Forest of 160,000 acres.  Which they have selectively logged in a sustainable manner.  This is the same forest we drew from in Mexico so customers will notice no difference in the quality of our wood.


We do have inventory in most items but will be fully stocked when our first container arrives from Guatemala in about two months.


We are sincerely grateful for you past business and thank you for your patience during this transition.


Best regards,


Bill Hibdon, President HHI

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