Dalbergia Inventory Notice

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After our present, fully documented, inventory of Cocobolo, Honduras Rosewood and African Blackwood are sold we will no longer carry any Dalbergia species. It is our opinion that these species cannot comply in full with CITES regulations due to the way those species grow and are harvested. This of course, doesn’t apply to any plantation grown Dalbergia. We are required by the Lacey Act to certify that every step involved in harvesting, transporting and manufacturing of CITES items is in compliance with, not only US laws but the laws of the country of harvest. This is not possible and we cannot pretend that it is.

The laws concerning timber harvesting are well meaning but are poorly enforced and in some countries, completely ignored. Hibdon Hardwood has complied with the letter and spirit of the various regulations for the entire forty-two years we have been in business and we will continue to source only sustainable wood. We welcome your comments or inquiries.

Now Offering Sitka Spruce Tops!

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We have never carried Top wood because we didn’t have a reliable source of high-quality wood. We now have that source and are prepared to offer Sitka Spruce in three grades. Feel free to browse our full selection of Top woods here.

Below are selected samples that represent the three grades:

Master Grade (4A)

Highest quality grade offered, based on four key criteria:

  1. Consistent, light color with no discoloration
  2. Even, tight texture across the width of the top
  3. Absolutely straight-grained, with no runout
  4. Perfectly quartersawn

AAA (3A)

AAA Grade has an excellent, uniform color with very even texture and very straight grain. Tops have little to no runout and absolutely no bearclaw or other visual blemishes. 

AA (2A)

AA Grade has a little color variation (if any) and a very even texture, though often more coarse than AAA Grade. The grain is consistently straight, with very little runout, but can widen slightly toward one side of the top only.

Return to Regular Business Hours

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Hibdon Hardwood Inc. has returned to our normal business hours from 7 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday, CDT.

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Temporary Closure

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Effective today, March 23, the City of St. Louis has ordered all non-essential businesses to close for 30 days, subject to change, due to the corona-virus.

We will try to fulfill existing orders as soon as we can. Beyond that, we cannot promise.

 We appreciate your support and wish you and your families all the best of health during this difficult time.

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Order policy changes.

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Please be advised that a normal shipment may take approximately one to two weeks.

The Fiddleback Tree

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In June of this year, while looking at Mahogany logs on a sawmill yard in southern Mexico, I noticed that a Mahogany log, still tree length, had a piece of the trunk broken off to reveal a very nice fiddleback figure. We bought the tree and moved it to the yard of our main supplier. There we were able to examine the tree more carefully and were overjoyed with what we found. A big Mahogany tree 34 feet long, 24 inches in diameter at the small end and 39 inches at the butt. The tree was cut into five logs, each 6-1/2 feet long. Every log showed the most intense fiddleback I have ever seen in my 50 years in this business. The figure ran all the way to the center of each log. After careful quarter sawing and kiln drying we made 398 back & side sets, 81 neck blanks, and various pieces for binding, etc. We are calling this  "The Fiddleback Tree". Although, not as large as the famous, "The Tree" and showing fiddleback rather than quilted figure, The Fiddleback Tree is every bit as rare and beautiful.

New CITES Information & Policies

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As a result of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) meeting that took place September 24 - October 5, 2016, it is our understanding that beginning January 1, 2017 all Dalbergia species will be listed as CITES II. This means that it will require re-export permits from us and import permits from our customers for any international purchases. This will add significant cost and up to 4 months of delay per shipment. These shipments must be handled appropriately for legal export and legal entry into any county.

For Hibdon Hardwood, Inc., this means that we will no longer be able to sell African Blackwood, Dalbergia melanoxylon to individual, international customers after December 9, 2016.

It is our understanding that Dalbergia species currently CITES unlisted are still legally able to be shipped internationally. The new regulation could be different in your country. Please check with the CITES authority in your country for verification.

More information about CITES regulations can be found at