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Premium Exotic Tonewoods

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Hibdon Hardwood, Inc.

Since our inception in 1978, Hibdon Hardwood, Inc. has serviced both professional and amateur luthiers and woodcraftsmen in our hometown of St. Louis and beyond, as direct importers of premium exotic tonewoods.
At Hibdon Hardwood, Inc., our specialty is in making parts for musical instruments, especially acoustic guitars, and are one of only about a dozen companies that do what we do.

the best projects start with the best wood.

We import our exotic wood, burl, and veneer logs from mainly Guatemala and Mexico, and work closely with (and purchase from) other U.S. exotic wood importers, as well.

When working directly with our own forestry partners in Central America and Mexico, we begin with selecting our logs. 

Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to work directly within these beautiful forests and supervise the cutting at local sawmills in person, however more often, the logs are container-shipped to our St. Louis, MO warehouse workshop (which happens to have the oldest operating elevator in St. Louis, FUN FACT!).

Here, we quartersaw the logs into blanks, and then resaw the blanks into stringed instrument back and side sets.

If not transformed into sets, our wood is crafted into neck blanks, fingerboards, bridge blanks and other guitar parts.  And occasionally, our beautiful tonewoods are sawn into blanks for other instruments like fifes, flutes, bagpipes and marimbas.

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” St. Francis of Assissi

In our warehouse workshop location, we utilize a horizontal band sawmill, a horizontal band resaw, planer, straight-line rip saw, wide belt sander and other related machinery. We also have two low temperature dry kilns with a total capacity of 15,000 board feet.
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A Huge "Thank You" To Our Clients and Colleagues

Friends of Hibdon Hardwood, Inc
Riverfront Times, St. Louis, MO
The Art of Lutherie, Online Luthier Education
Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Santa Cruz, CA
Huss & Dalton Guitar Company, Staunton, VA
C.F. Martin & Co. Inc., Nazareth, PA
Collings Guitars, Austin, TX

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Hibdon Hardwood, Inc. is here for you.

Whether you are an amateur luthier, a professional cabinet maker, enjoy wood turning projects or are a representative for an international guitar manufacturer, Hibdon Hardwood, Inc. is dedicated to education, customer service and supporting artistry of all kinds, yours included. 

We love the hardwood and lutherie industries, and have for over 40 years as a company… and some of us, have our whole lives.  Please know that we are always in pursuit of providing you with ethical, superior exotic woods, as well as offering smooth, friendly, functional and beautiful purchasing and customer service experiences.

Please feel free to contact us with any input on how we can continue to improve your experience with Hibdon Hardwood, Inc. 

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