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Notice to our customers:

After our present, fully documented, inventory of Cocobolo, Honduras Rosewood and African Blackwood are sold we will no longer carry any Dalbergia species. It is our opinion that these species cannot comply in full with CITES regulations due to the way those species grow and are harvested. This of course, doesn’t apply to any plantation grown Dalbergia. We are required by the Lacey Act to certify that every step involved in harvesting, transporting and manufacturing of CITES items is in compliance with, not only US laws but the laws of the country of harvest. This is not possible and we cannot pretend that it is.

The laws concerning timber harvesting are well meaning but are poorly enforced and in some countries, completely ignored. Hibdon Hardwood has complied with the letter and spirit of the various regulations for the entire forty-two years we have been in business and we will continue to source only sustainable wood. We welcome your comments or inquiries.

About Us

Hibdon Hardwood, Inc. was founded in 1978. We are direct importers of exotic wood, burl, and veneer logs mainly from Guatemala and Mexico. We also purchase from other U.S. importers. 

We specialize in making parts for musical instruments, especially acoustic guitars.  The process begins by selecting logs in the forests of Central America and Mexico.  Sometimes, we supervise the cutting at the sawmills there, but more often the logs are container shipped to St. Louis where we quartersaw the logs into blanks and then resaw the blanks into back and side sets.  We make neck blanks, fingerboards, bridge blanks and other parts for guitars.  We also supply blanks for other instruments like fifes, flutes, bagpipes and marimbas among others.

At our location, we have a horizontal band sawmill, a horizontal band resaw, planer, straight-line rip saw, wide belt sander and other related machinery. We also have two low temperature dry kilns with a total capacity of 15,000 board feet.